You choose the what.  We'll do the how.

Something different...


The E.Vil Mall e-Commerce services help you generate more sales and bring in more local business.   It doesn't matter whether you already have an online store or sell through other channels.  

Our goal is to bring the time-honored NYC tradition of window shopping and neighborhood exploration to shoppers from around the world.

Employing powerful Internet marketing strategies and beautiful technology, we deliver a compelling media experience to savvy, cosmopolitan, and global audience.  Our model is setup to bring you new customers, refer locals to your shops, and even redirect your biggest fans to your proprietary website.

No cost.  No commitment. 

To successfully sell online, you and your team need to be masters of:

  • Design & Technology
  • Internet and Social Marketing
  • Order Processing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Fulfillment, Shipping, and Tracking
  • Customer Service & Returns

What a list!  Good thing we take care of all that.

The cost to you?  Nada.  Nothing.  Zip. 

We work with you to: 

  1. Pick products to sell on The E.Vil Mall
  2. We agree on a commission rate
  3. Then orders start flowing in

That way, we make money when we make you money.  Simple.