Gift Cards

The #1 Idea for the Holidays according to Deloitte


The holidays pose a unique challenge to retailers as commerce continues to go mobile, tastes continue to go local, and the conversation is increasingly social

People want to buy tasteful gifts for those they care about.

Buy when it comes to receiving gifts, people want cash to buy unique, local goods that reflect their sense of culture.

It's apples and oranges... and grapefruits.

The great accommodation is the gift card.  It let's the giver be considerate and let's the recipient get what they truly want.

If your store doesn't market and accept gift cards, you could be missing out on a big part of holiday spending.

Bright Idea!

The E.Vil Mall gift card program is bright idea for local shops and boutiques.

As a smaller business, it is hard to market gift cards.  The cost and complexity can be prohibitive.  Potential buyers may see them as risky or too narrow in scope.

E.Vil Mall gift cards can be used at any of our participating merchants – making them a great buy for 100,000+ students and young professionals in the area.

When merchants are presented with a gift card, they can redeem payment by web or by phone.   A small transaction fee is charged – similar to credit card processing.

Attract new customers.  Don't miss out on the #1 gift this year.  Let us handle all the marketing, delivery, and transaction infrastructure.