I Have an Idea


Hello Everyone! 

My little apartment is in the East Village, on the corner of 2nd Avenue and St. Mark's Place.  Not too much – but it's mine.  What could be better?  I love where I live, and I want to share my amazing neighborhood with the world.

So I have an idea!

What if we could bring the time-honored NYC tradition of window shopping and neighborhood exploration to shoppers from around the world?  Intriguing, no?

I call it The E.Vil Mall – a little cultural window on the East Village.  It's pretty great!  Beautiful technology delivers the uniqueness of the East Village to the vast InterWebs – all the while supporting and preserving the local, eclectic businesses that thrive here.

We are all about new, global customers, not competing for local business.  On our site, we like to prominently feature the brand of each store.  That way, if a customer really likes what you do, they can drop in, check out your wares, or visit your proprietary website.  Otherwise, customers can enjoy the convenience of buying your products along with other great stuff from the East Village.  Fabulous!

Some of your best products go on our website.  Then the orders start flowing in.  There's no commitment.  Simple as that.


Best Regards, 

Jonathan Sterling Hollinger



Are you a vendor, brand, or shop that wants to sell on The E.Vil Mall?  Click here.