Work Awesome

The E.Vil Mall
is Hiring!

Work at fun, fast-paced, ethical startup that supports local commerce.  We have big plans and need your help.  When you work at The E.Vil Mall, you get to like your job, change things for the better, and thus like yourself.  Try getting that from a banking job (impossible – we've tried).

Are you into...


You will be responsible for reaching out to vendors, explaining how we can help support their local retail business, and maintaining those relationships over time.


Like taking pictures, designing compelling marketing materials, and making sure a beautiful experience exists overall?


Internet marketing, social media, bundling products for the holidays, working to cross-promote between vendors.  Like woah!  Get a lot of experience, right quick.


Work with our vendors to make sure inventory is up to date, orders go out on time, and customers are happy campers!


Do you know why Chuck Norris is awesome?  Do you know how to center something vertically?  Alright, you're with us.

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