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Ayous Paper Waste Basket with Lid


Ayous Paper Waste Basket with Lid


I am an Ayous wood wastebasket. Throw your litter inside me and I will keep it under my lid. You can hide your trash, but you don’t have to hide me. 

Curator's Notes


Trash containers are often hidden or an after-thought, kept far away from public sight. We like the idea that a frequently neglected household item can also be beautiful and worthy of display. The design detail of the swaying lid is particularly attractive and engaging.

Ayous Paper Waste Basket with Lid  was curated by Stevenson Aung






Maker: Saito Wood Co.



Designer: Isamu Saito







Dimensions: 9.5” (w) x 9.5” (l) x 15.5” (h)  or 241mm (w) x 241mm (l) x 394mm (h)

Weight: 2.88 lbs or 1.31 kg

Materials: Ayous wood veneer and plywood






  • Made in Japan
  • Exposed plywood edges
  • Bent swaying lid
  • Occasional oiling may be necessary to return luster
  • We recommend that you only dispose dry waste in the wastebasket 
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