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Brass Trivet - Galaxy (OUT OF STOCK)


Brass Trivet - Galaxy (OUT OF STOCK)


I am GINGA, a Galaxy brass trivet. I am a poorly understood system of mysterious matter and forces but I’m here to set the record straight! When you see me at work to protect your tabletops from scorching hot cookware, you’ll understand what I’m best at.


 Curator's Notes


These brass trivets are handy objects both in the kitchen and at the dinner table. They are functional while simultaneously exist as beautiful display objects while not in use. Through oxidization, its color changes over time to eventually produce a beautiful rich patina. We love how a product like this transforms with age and remains exquisite throughout all its stages.

Galaxy Brass Trivet was curated by Stevenson Aung




Maker: Futagami

Designer: Masanori Oji




Dimensions: 7” (w) x 7” (l) x 0.625” (h) or 178mm (w) x 178mm (l) x 16mm (h)

Weight: 1.1lbs or 0.50kg

Materials: Brass




  • Made in Japan
  • Clear silicone feet
  • Copper acquisition from Toyama Prefecture
  • Molding in Takaoka City
  • Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc
  • Brass products gradually change their color over the course of many years due to oxidization
  • A camel colored patina is expected to develop within 5 years
  • A russet brown color patina is expected to develop at approximately 30 years
  • Casted brass surface
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