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Cara Dinner Set


Cara Dinner Set


We are a linden wood dinner setting. Let me tell you a bit about my family, we’re one part plate, one part dish and one part bowl. Like most families, we sometimes need our personal space, but we always find time to come together for special occasions. That’s the Cara family tradition. 

 Curator's Notes

Wooden table settings provide warmth, comfort and a touch of nature to any dinner party. Each piece is handcrafted revealing the beautiful grain of the wood, while being durable enough for everyday use. The combination of products are beautiful together, and will surely impress your guests.

"Cara" is a series of egg-shaped tablewares making the most of the warmth of wood as a material and Japanese thin-wood-curving techniques. The curvatures of the pieces are meant to mimic the egg so as to fit gently within your hands.

Cara Dinner Set was curated by Stevenson Aung


Maker: Takahashi Kougei

Designer: Rina Ono




10.25” (w) x 10.25” (l) x 1” (h) or 260mm (w) x 260mm (l) x 25mm (h)


8.75" (w) x 8.75" (l) x 1.5" (h) or222mm (w) x 222mm (l) x 38mm (h)


6.25" (w) x 6.25" (l) x 2" (h) or159mm (w) x 159mm (l) x 51mm (h)



0.35 lbs <span">or 0.16 kg


0.55 lbs or 0.25 kg


0.35 lbs or 0.16 kg

Materials: Linden Wood


  • Made in Japan
  • Linden wood sourced from Hokkaido, Japan
  • This product has a food-grade polyurethane coating. This coating acts as a barrier to help protect the wood as is food safe. 
  • Very new Cara products may have some trace remainder of the polyurethane coating odor. Before using the cup for the first time, leave tea leaves or coffee grounds inside the cup for several hours to remove any coating odor.
  • Avoid using microwave and dish washing machine as coating may get cracked
  • Also don't soak it in the water for a long period of time
  • Use a thinner dish detergent with a sponge to wash, rinse with warm water, then wipe with soft cloth and let it dry well
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