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Garden Clipper (OUT OF STOCK)


Garden Clipper (OUT OF STOCK)


I am a garden clipper. Although I am iron, I have a green thumb. I love getting into shrubs and bushes to get rid of unwanted visitors. Beware old branches, I’m coming for you.



Curator's Notes 


With a comfortable top rest for your thumb and grip for your index and middle finger, these everyday garden clippers are the perfect tool for your pruning needs. I love the finish created in the forging process, along with the addition of the leather sheath and band. Iron and leather are two materials that age beautifully over the course of time and these sturdy clippers will surely accompany you for all your gardening needs. I wouldn't be surprised if these shears stood the test of time and end up being passed down to future generations. 

Garden Clipper was curated by Stevenson Aung





Maker: Tajika


Designer: Daisuke Tajika






4” (w) x 8” (l) x 1” (h) or 

102mm (w) x 203mm (l) x 25mm (h)


0.43 lbs or 0.19 kg



Iron and Leather





  • Made in Japan
  • 1.5" or 38mm Blade
  • Textured iron finish
  • Right-handed shears
  • Design born out of a collaboration with Vallicans
  • Blade is manufactured slightly thicker as intended for harder materials
  • For rust prevention, part of the blade is greased when the products are shipped from Japan 
  • Please wipe clean with a soft cloth before use.
  • Comes with a protective leather case for the blade
  • Thumb rest and index/middle finger T-shaped holder
  • Leather strap at bottom to hold scissors in place
  • Tajika branding is stamped onto the leather strap
  • Coiled spring in the center
  • Blades form a double peak in a closed position
  • Screw may need occasional oiling if difficulties opening develop over time
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