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Kake Bushou Broom


Kake Bushou Broom


I am Bushou, a broom. Sometimes I just wish I will find my Prince and that he'll save me from all the wicked people of the land. My two older stepsisters are the worst, making fun of me just because I’m small and nimble. Sometimes bigger and taller isn't always better. Hope he'll come save me soon. 



Curator's Notes


Chores are usually associated with negative feelings. Tools for cleaning and sweeping are quite often plain, unattractive and tucked behind a wall or hidden in a closet. These brooms designed by acclaimed designer, Masanori Oji, and based on a style from the Edo period. We think they are so beautiful that we love displaying them in our offices and home. Made from elastic broomcorn, rattan and Japanese palm, the material is durable and makes daily cleaning effortless. The unique umbrella handle makes it convenient to hang and easy to display.


Kake Bushou Broom was curated by Stevenson Aung





Maker: Sojirushi


Designer: Masanori Oji






7” (w) x 29” (l) x 1.5” (h) or 

178mm (w) x 737mm (l) x 38mm (h)



0.5lbs or 0.22kg




Natural Broomcorn, Rattan, Shuro and Wood





  • Made in Japan
  • Edo-style broom
  • Made from elastic broomcorn, rattan, and shuro (Japanese Palm)
  • Broom has an umbrella style handle making hanging easy
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