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Kakudo Board - Medium


Kakudo Board - Medium


I am a medium kakudo board. I come from wholesome roots so I know how to be a loyal sidekick. I'll always be there to catch your spills and play an essential part in your daily routines… cutting, serving and eating. So let me assist you, we will make a great team.



Curator's Notes


Beautifully crafted from solid cherry, Kakudo boards can be used as a cutting board, serving tray or even as a plate. Each board features has a ½” groove around its edge to catch run-offs and a rounded base to elevate the hardwood platform. The medium board is particularly ideal for cutting cheese and breads, and serving sushi and small appetizers.


Kakudo Board Medium was curated by Stevenson Aung





Maker: Takahashi Kougei


Designer: Masanori Oji






11.25” (w) x 7.13” (l) x 0.88” (h) or 

286mm (w) x 181mm (l) x 22mm (h)



1.2 lbs or 0.54 kg


 Cherry Hardwood





  • Made in Japan
  • Also available in a Large and Small size
  • Can be used as a cutting board or plate
  • Every corner and edge is rounded
  • Shapes of the boards match a variation of food servings
  • Grooves all around the rim catches liquids and crumbs
  • Occasional sanding (320 grit) will return the board to a smooth luster
  • Apply mineral oil periodically to seal against bacteria and to moisturize wood
  • "Kakudo" means angle in Japanese and is in reference to the variation of angles that give tableware its unique functions and forms
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