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Kakudo Butter Case - Maple


Kakudo Butter Case - Maple

I am a butter case. All flaky crusty breads need a good sidekick and I’m the vehicle that delivers the star attraction… the taste, the cream and the smoothness of butter. Can’t wait to get buttered up!



Curator's Notes


This versatile butter case provides storage and refrigerator-to-table service in a beautifully crafted maple wood container. The two-piece case includes a wooden butter knife, which sits conveniently along the interior, and a fitted edge so the lid sits tightly on the case. Two standard sticks of butter or a 1/2 lbs block fits nicely in the container.






Kakudo Butter Case was curated by Stevenson Aung





Maker: Takahashi Kougei


Designer: Masanori Oji






3.625” (w) x 6.25” (l) x 1.75” (h) or 

92mm (w) x 159mm (l) x 44mm (h)



0.52 lbs or 0.24 kg



Maple Hardwood





  • Made in Japan
  • Ideal for approximately 8-10oz or a half brick butter
  • Includes a wood butterknife and a slot cut into the case to hold it in place
  • The fitting edges are angled at 45 degrees so the lid sits tightly on the case
  • Finished with oil and can be placed in refridgerator
  • "Kakudo" means angle in Japanese and is in reference to the variation of angles that give tableware its unique functions and forms
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