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Knife Block (OUT OF STOCK)


Knife Block (OUT OF STOCK)

I am a knife block. My job is tough. The prevention and detection of crime can be a daunting task. Who knows how many knife fights would break out if I weren’t around to enforce regulations, so leave it to me to protect and maintain public order.



Curator's Notes


The knife block isn’t just a beautiful chunk of wood… it’s meant to house a range of different knives, including the cleaver, which is a difficult knife to store and often can’t be placed into other blocks. Personally, we use typically use 3 to 5 different knives to prepare most of our meals, including some specialty fish knives, which are a bit on the long side. This knife block was a great storage solution of our needs. 


The OnOurTable box series is a collection of storage tools for the kitchen crafted out of solid walnut hardwood. Each box in the collection is striped down to its most essential minimal form and finished to bring out the wood grain of the solid walnut. 


Knife Block was curated by Angélique Chmielewski





Maker: OnOurTable


Designer: Geoffrey Lilge






3.75” (w) x 12” (l) x 10” (h) or 

95mm (w) x 305mm (l) x 254mm (h)



7.95 lbs or 3.6 kg



Walnut Hardwood





  • Made in Canada
  • Recommend washing with a damp cloth and soap
  • Occasional sanding (320 grit) will return the board to a smooth luster.
  • Apply mineral oil periodically to seal against bacteria and to moisturize wood
  • Six knife cutouts
  • Knife Block is reversible
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