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Landscaping Shears (OUT OF STOCK)


Landscaping Shears (OUT OF STOCK)


I am a pair of landscaping shears. I love to clean up and keep things tidy. When something’s growing out of place, I cut away without hesitation. The sight of flowering branches makes me happy but, the sight of weeds? No way!



Curator's Notes 


These professional grade shears are great for pruning in a garden setting. Ideal for shaping hedges and vegetation, they are the perfect tool to cut through your dense growth. The spring-loaded shears are easy to use and revered by gardeners for its precision and ease of use, while a leather pouch makes it easy to bring along when looking for areas that might need care. Maintaining a beautiful garden always requires a bit of a trim. 


Landscaping Shears was curated by Stevenson Aung





Maker: Tajika


Designer: Daisuke Tajika






3.5” (w) x 10.5” (l) x 1” (h) or 

89mm (w) x 267mm (l) x 25mm (h)



1.1 lbs or 0.50 kg



Forged Steel




  • Made in Japan
  • 3.75" or 95mm Blade
  • Metal clip on the bottom to hold blade together
  • Comes with a protective leather case, extra spring and container for blade oil
  • Meant to be used one-handed
  • Comes with container of lubricant oil
  • For application of oil, apply a thin layer and wipe clean
  • Comes with an extra spring coil and leather case
  • Ideal for professional landscaping and shaping of hedges
  • Cuts roots, branches and leaves
  • Please wipe clean with a soft cloth before use.
  • Easy to grip in use with brass holder
  • Thicker blade than typical Japanese shears
  • Screw may need occasional lubrication if difficulties opening over time develop
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