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Stainless Steel Fabric Scissors


Stainless Steel Fabric Scissors


I am a pair of stainless steel fabric scissors. I’m a believer that opposites attract. After all, I’m tough and sharp and I attract the polar opposite. Soft and gentle is my type.



Curator's Notes 


These fabric scissors are manufactured for cutting a range of fabrics, including heavy weight materials. The extremely sharp blades are made of high quality stainless steel, creating an even cut along the entire length of the blade all the way to the tip. The two blades are joined with a tiny screw, so they can be adjusted, sharpened or repaired if damaged. I also like the angle of the handle to the blade, so they can rest flat on the cutting surface during use and relieve the tension in your hands. The heavy blades make cutting fabric effortless. 


Stainless Steel Fabric Scissors was curated by Stevenson Aung





Maker: Tajika


Designer: Daisuke Tajika






3.25” (w) x 10” (l) x 0.5” (h) or 

83mm (w) x 254mm (l) x 13mm (h)


0.56 lbs or 0.26 kg



Stainless Steel





  • Made in Japan
  • 4.5" Blade
  • High carbon content in the stainless steel to maintain sharpness for longer
  • Ideal for all weights of fabric, especially heavy-medium
  • Comes with container of lubricant oil
  • For application of oil, apply a thin layer and wipe clean
  • Blades do not rust
  • Silver metallic handle
  • Please wipe clean with a soft cloth before use.
  • If you experience difficulties over time opening the blade, lubricate under the screw
  • Tajika branding stamped on scissors
  • Comes with a protective plastic case for the blade
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