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Tetu Cast Iron Kettle (OUT OF STOCK)


Tetu Cast Iron Kettle (OUT OF STOCK)


I am a cast iron kettle. I have a pretty steady demeanor. My take on life is to just go with the flow and never let anything boil over me. No matter how hot things get.


Curator's Notes

An object like this cast iron kettle is something to keep for many, many generations. Well known for traditional craftsmanship, Nambu cast ironworks has been perfected in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan since the middle of the 17th century. This particular piece designed by Makoto Koizumi has won the Good Design Award, and it’s easy to see why. Each kettle undergoes a firing process to allow oxidization to its iron surface, thereby creating a thin film layer with anti-rust effects, allowing it to be suitable for daily use. It has a nice weight and the walnut wood handle adds to its beautiful yet original shape. Truly a show-stopper!


Tetu Cast Iro Kettle was curated by Stevenson Aung




Maker: Tetu

Designer: Makoto Koizumi




Dimensions: 6.5” (w) x 6.5” (l) x 5.9” (h) or  165mm (w) x 165mm (l) x 150mm (h)

Weight: 6.61 lbs or 3 kg

Volume: 1.0 L or 33.8 fl oz

Materials: Nambu Cast Iron



  • Made in Japan
  • Good Design Award Winner
  • Made from Nambu Cast Iron in the Iwate Prefecture
  • Walnut wood knob for lid handle
  • Cast Iron handle folds down for easy storage
  • Smooth but pebbly surface texture
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