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Washi Paper Envelopes - Murasaki (Violet)


Washi Paper Envelopes - Murasaki (Violet)


We are violet washi paper envelopes. We're really private and keep secrets really well. So, don’t push the envelope, you won’t get much out of us!

Curator's Notes

These envelopes are perfect to add a special little touch to a gift or to send your family and friends some ‘snail mail.’ They are made from traditional Japanese washi paper, so they are more durable and textured than traditional wood pulp paper. All the different shades of color and sizes available just add to the fun in the act of giving. There are a total of seven envelopes in each package.  

Violet Washi Paper Envelopes were curated by Angélique Chmielewski


Maker: Hayashi Kougei

Designer: Rina Ono



6.89” (w) x 3.35” (l) or 

175mm (w) x 85mm (l)

6.89” (w) x 1.97” (l) or 

175mm (w) x 50mm (l)

6.89” (w) x 1.18” (l) or 

175mm (w) x 30mm (l)

3.35” (w) x 1.18” (l) or 

85mm (w) x 30mm (l)

3.35” (w) x 3.35” (l) or 

85mm (w) x 85mm (l)

1.77” (w) x 3.35” (l) or 

45mm (w) x 85mm (l)

1.38” (w) x 1.38” (l) or 

35mm (w) x 35mm (l)


0.03lbs or 0.01kg


Washi Paper


  • Made in Japan
  • Seven individual envelopes included in various sizes and different shades of violet
  • Ten clear stickers included in each pack - 5 black graphic, 5 white graphic
  • Each envelope has a one inch tab for closures
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