Positi♥ely E♥il

The East Village is the greatest place on earth – but other stuff is fabulous too.  Positi♥ely E♥il is our chicken soup for the soul, shining a bit of flattering light on goodness from around the world.

Movie Sadness

How awful or how awesome!


Sometimes you need Star Wars silicone trays.  To make jello, ice cubes, whatever.

Wake up next to Nick, and his erratic hair line.

$15.18 $19.99


"I believe you have my stapler..." 

Just like Newman in Jurassic Park. 


Geek Chic


Pulling off the unicorn head look is not for the faint of heart.  We recommend you buy a nice bottle of wine, put on some music, deck out the goods in your nice lingerie, put on the unicorn mask, and wait for him to come home.

Star Trek cufflinks have that subtle way of saying, "I know all about insurance policies."



True Blood meets culinary addiction.  Care for boo-boos and loved ones with band-aids that are as delicious as they are.  "Free Prize Inside!"  Duh! 

Best friend get her ass knocked up and shipped out to the 'burbs?  Help her keep it real!



This is Sub-Zero.  He is from Mortal Kombat.  He freezes your body, and then breaks it into bloody frozen pieces – which is why he needs to be on your laptop.

Nothing says desk job extraordinaire like a caffeine molecule coffee mug. 



It's not Jenga.  Anyone can do Jenga.  It's Donkey Kong Jenga.  Hell's yeah.