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Electro Harmonix Ring Thing


Electro Harmonix Ring Thing


The Ring Thing builds upon the original EHX Frequency Analyzer, and adds selectable carrier waveforms, sweepable filter, presets, and the ability to use an expression pedal.ᅠ The single-sideband modulation is completely new, allowing for a more true harmonious effect.ᅠ This is an real sonic leap in the world of creative and expressive guitar effects.ᅠ Begin your sonic experimentation now.

    •    ‪Four selectable modes: Ring Modulation (RM), Upper Band Modulation (UB), Lower Band Modulation (LB), Pitch Shift (PS).‬

    •    ‪Single Sideband frequency shifter with separate simultaneous upper and lower sideband outputs.‬

    •    ‪Automatically tune the Ring Modulator to any incoming signal by pressing and holding the PRESET FSW.‬

    •    ‪The Ring and SSB Modulators can automatically tune to a note you play on your instrument‬

    •    ‪Pitch shifter with range of +/- 2 octaves.‬

    •    ‪Five modulation waveforms: Square, Sine, Ramp up/down, Triangle.‬

    •    ‪Expression Pedal control over carrier frequency or pitch shift amount.‬

    •    ‪Optional external oscillator/modulation input.‬

    •    ‪Mono Input / Stereo Output in all modes.‬

    •    ‪Save and load up to 9 presets.‬

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