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Shoppers Love Local


Today's shopper wants something different and unique; works of passion and focus; made by people with which they can identify and empathize.

There is consumer demand to "shop a place".

Catalogs regularly put their wares on rocky New England beaches or in the West Coast sun.  When people go on vacation, they shop.

A customer experience the place, the shop, and its goods simultaneously.  There is a look, a culture, priorities.  All of that says something.

The power of the Internet lets retailing get hyper-local – exposing a tiny, amazing community to the whole world.

Creative Communities

Creative neighborhoods are thriving – and they are home to great brands and businesses.  Some shops are hidden gems run by third generation proprietors.  Others are the startup dreams of a new generation.

They all have three things in common:

  1. a certain desirable aesthetic, whether quaint or artistic;
  2. a dedication to craftsmanship;
  3. and they suffer from the same economic problem...

... the most affluent neighborhoods are not the most creative neighborhoods.  That's where comes in.

delocal connection


The problem is connecting the local shop to the customer.

  • the customer and the shop are often in different places
  • shops in cool unplanned neighborhoods are not centralized or necessarily near each other

We bring together the best shops, brands, and events in great locations.  Then customers from all over the world can shop that place online.  delocal handles design, technology, marketing, credit card processing, logistics, and customer service.  For that service collects a commission on goods sold.

delocal design

Shopping on our sites is a pleasure.  Taking window shopping as our design inspiration, they are clean, modern, vivid, and feature navigation by shop.  

We do not place one shop's wares next to another.  That would diminish the individuality of both shops, it would equate the brands.  That's what bigbox e-tailers like Amazon do, and that's fine if you are comparison shopping.  

But delocal understands the customer experience is about more.  It is about the place, the particular shop, its wares, and the statement a purchase makes.

Suggestions Welcome!

Know a locale that needs a bit of delocal?  Tell us!

Where should we look for a great place?

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