Pink Mustard


Pink Mustard



Pardon me, do you have any Pink Mustard?  But of course!  Pink Mustard, one of life's finer pleasures.  Try us on for size or add it to a Three Pack, you won’t be disappointed... Mr Poupon wasn't.


Colorful. On-trend. Attention to detail

Our socks are made from a lightweight cotton and polyester weave that’s both comfortable and ultra-breathable. Not only is this the bright, fun pattern you’ve been searching for, but we’ve added a few features we think you’ll like.  Our socks are taller than average ensuring that they won’t fall down on you throughout the day or shrink away to nothing in the wash.  Additionally, we added an elastic arch support for superior fit and comfort.  Trust us, your feet will thank you.


  • One size fits most
  • Our socks are long - we promise they won't fall down to your ankles
  • An elastic arch support eliminates bunching and provides all day comfort
  • Seamless stitching on the tips prevents that uncomfortable knot by your big or little toe


  • 80% combed cotton
  • 17% polyester
  • 3% spandex
  • 100% stylish
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